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September 22, 2009

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Bizarre Market Era:
The way home buyers shop changed dramatically in a 6 week period in the Fall of 2008: prior to October ’08, due to constraints of supply in Marin County, the home buying procedure was largely an emotional process– now this process is also governed by perceived value. If we can’t show how that home is a relative value, buyers will simply move on until they find one. This trait of shopping for homes by ‘value’ is one of the lasting characterisitcs of this Great Recession.

Most real estate markets in Marin Bounced back in 2010, 2011 brought broad weakness in Marin County and another brief drop in prices, followed by a more stable 2012 and a red hot market in 2013. Please see read our latest Marin Update.

The DuPont Group in its element:
The DuPont Group sold more homes than anyone at DB Sotheby’s in both 2008 and 2009. In 2009, The DuPont Group closed 19 deals, and over $28m in sales, finishing ~#6 in Marin County out of 1,700 agents. In 2010, The DuPont Group finished #4 in Marin county closing over $30m in sales. All in all, The DuPont Group has closed over 77 deals and $150m in sales since the recession began in 2008. Our success is based on using our proprietary market research to uncover areas of relative value for our clients.

The Key to Success:
As discussed above, the market has changed dramatically, yet most agents are still working the same way they have for 20 years. They haven’t adapted to the market, especially in the high-end where buyers general require more data to conceptualize and understand the value proposition of a home.  Our work ethic and dedication to economic and market research results in more successful negotiations, and ultimately saves our clients money- we earn our commissions.

The market research you see here is just part of the data we compile to assist our clients in buying and/or selling homes at the most attractive prices. Information is power and we use this data better than any other agents in the area to save our clients money. If you plan on buying or selling a home we ask that you include us when interviewing agents. Thank you!

Please call or email Dave anytime for more information Dave@TheDuPontGroup.net or 415-867-6611.

Most articles in this blog are written and compiled by David DuPont, MBA & CFP.


  1. Dear Dave

    I am a homeowner/landlord in San Diego, a 3 year renter in Mill Valley, and a passionate learner of real estate hoping to get my licence in the next 3 months. Being a learner, I read as much as I can daily about whats happening in the Marin market….especially Mill Valley. I have decided to try my hand at realty because I have been so disheartened and horrified by the plethora of misinformation put out by realtors who have no interest in properly representing their clients. Until now, I had wondered what sort of reception I will get from the current realtor community, given that I am keen to provide a proper and informed service to my eventual clients. I read your blog today….which makes perfect sense to me, and am heartened that there is an element in this community using logical information (rather than manipulated charts and paragraphs) and good sound advice to inform the general public and arm them properly to make the right decisions. I will continue to read your blog..thankyou

    Comment by Karen Nwose — February 23, 2010 @ 11:59 am

  2. Dave, as a market participant myself and a fan of statistical significance…the structure of your analysis not only improves the working relationship of the Realtor and Lender – which benefits the Consumer in a transaction, but applying this thought process into market transactions today will increase the chances of a more stable and longer term recovery.
    Christopher K. Hart
    First Cal

    Comment by Chris Hart — January 4, 2011 @ 10:54 pm

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