Farifax CA Real Estate 2013 Year-End Review

January 1, 2014

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Fairfax CA Real estate had a great year with business cycle high unit sales.

If you compare the two charts below Structure Values vs. Lot/Location values you see that buyers buy in Fairfax more because of structure and less because of lot/location/town- if buyers can find a decent home at an acceptable value they will buy in Fairfax over San Rafael and /or San Anselmo.

Fairfax homes prices are still trading 11%-20% below peak 2007 prices depending on what data statistic one uses. However, the high unit sales shows that Fairfax has found its equilibrium pricing in our current economy.

 Fairfax-CA-Depre-SQFT-xLot Fairfax-CA-SFR-Lot-Values Fairfax-CA-SFR-Med-Price Fairfax-CA-SFR-TDG-$Index Fairfax-CA-SFR-TDG-$Index-739dd0525c046f2c9e494801434b2743 Fairfax-CA-SFR-$SQFT Fairfax SFR Median House Size Market-Segment-Activity

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